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Our Story

The JemaPet brand was established in Hangzhou, China. Jenny, the founder, has been engaged in the trade of home textiles since 1994. Jenny uses her expertise in a variety of fabrics and patterns to give her customers a cozy and harmonious home environment. During the trade, Jenny founds out customers pay increasing attention to pets. Many customers treat pets as their new family member, and their requirements for pet products in terms of fabric types, functions and patterns goes higher and higher. Pet life and pet beds are becoming an important part of people's happy and harmonious home life. However, most pet product suppliers can't solve this problem perfectly. So in 2004, Jenny founded JemaPet Brand, striving to develop dog bed of higher quality and greater elegance designs.

Start from the most demanding Jepan market to more nations worldwide. JemaPet began its pursuit of high quality pet products. And since then, almost 20 years have passed. In this journey, JemaPet has built a team specializing in manufacturing, management, product development and sales. The whole team shares the same passions and loves of pets. We have achieved all the goals we set before with enthusiasm and effort. Our pet beds are of the highest quality, have multiple functions and come in many designs to match any decor and scene. Each piece and detail is meticulously crafted. Even the pickiest animals and their devoted owners will find our pet beds to their complete satisfaction.

In the future, We'll keep working to improve our design and crafts. We will keep implementing new innovations, developing new processes, and cooperating with the latest fabric creators.

"happy pet, happy you" are our eternal goal. We hope to help you achieve your pet bed business.

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Our Mission

We have been taking the mission of " working hard to improve the happiness of pets with the original intention of the craftsman" and the purpose of " happy pet, happy you" to find the best solution for caring for pets, focusing on materials that are easy to clean, environmentally friendly, and comfortable, aesthetics, functionality, focusing on the planning, R&D and production of pet products, and committed to making pets and you spend every day conveniently, healthily and happily.

Our Factory | JemaPet

Our Factory

Located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang. 20000+ m². 100+ workers.

Clean and tidy production area. Safe for workers.

5 production lines. 3 QC process. Daily output 15,000 pieces.

Acquired certificates like BSCI, ISO and TUV.

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Leading Dog Bed Manufacturer In China

JemaPet established in 2004, is a professional corporation,engaged in the development of new fabrics, designing,and home supplies. Cooperating with pet brands,numerous Amazon sellers, start-ups and other pet-related businesses. 19 years textile factory and years of exporting helped us create a vertical setup and have total quality control from material sourcing to manufacturing.

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