Water-proof Processing in Dog Bed

Cleaning a dog bed is always not easy, especially when the dog pees on it. That’s why many business dealers requires a water-proof dog bed.

It's never simple to clean a dog bed, especially after the dog has peed on it. Because of this, many commercial dealers demand a dog bed that is waterproof. 

To solve this issue. Concerning the cost efficiency and actual use situation. Usually, we have 2 solutions.

In order to solve this problem. Regarding the situation of actual use and cost effectiveness. Typically, there are two options.

Solution 1: Waterproof Shell. Fabric is oxford, velvet, plush, etc.

Using waterproof fabric when making a dog bed.


Solution 2: Waterproof Liner. The fabric is fleece.

Using a liner to protect inside foam or PP cotton. In this design, the user could simply take out the inner and put the shell into wash machine. On the cost side, it usually costs more.  

Protecting the interior of foam or PP cotton with a liner. With this design, the user could easily remove the interior and wash the exterior. The price is typically higher.

Back to the waterproof fabric, fabrics used in solutions 1 and 2 are different, for liner usually we use fleece, for shell we use Oxford fabric, Velvet, Flannel, Plush, etc. But the processing is the same.

The materials used in solutions 1 and 2 are different when it comes to the waterproof fabric. For liners, we typically use fleece; for the shell, we typically use Oxford fabric, Velvet, Flannel, Plush, etc. However, the processing is identical.