It's That Time For An Outdoor Dog Bed

We know that our pets love to be indoors with us, snuggling and playing, but sometimes they like to have a bit of alone time too. Waterproof dog beds can be used inside and outside the home. Typical fabric dog beds aren’t ideal for use outside because they pick up too much dirt and moisture, but a waterproof dog bed can withstand all the elements. If you and your dog like to spend time lounging together outside on the lawn, near the firepit, or by the pool, then this is a great option for you!

Durable Fabric: The JEMA waterproof dog bed is made of high-quality oxford fabric, and features in premium-quality, cooling.

High-Quality Comfort: The high orthopedic egg-crate foam is soft and supportive. It can evenly distribute your dog's weight to alleviate pressure on joints & bony areas. Good choice for elderly dogs.

Easy to clean: The cover is waterproof, removable, and machine washable. Easily maintain the dog bed by wiping off or rinsing gently and wiping dry. Save a lot of effort to clean.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: The side handle makes this outdoor dog bed easy to carry. Your dog can have some rest time when playing outside, camping, and traveling. It’s perfect for any weather condition and any occasion.

Multiple Colors and Sizes: This pet bed has 3 sizes, suitable for small, medium or large dogs. M: 76*51*11cm / L: 91*69*12cm / XL: 112*89*13cm.

Our Waterproof outdoor dog beds are perfect for pets alike. Made from ultra-tough water-resistant canvas they are made to last in the outdoors. The water-resistant quality of these beds means that even on a rainy day when your dog lies down on one of our beds water is not going to leak through into the stuffing and the bed will remain warm and dry. Would you be interested in this dog bed? We are happy to discuss team deals for multiple beds.